Hello, my beautiful friends! Just writing another post about my feelings and how we can achieve our goals by knowing our own mistakes.
Firstly, I will begin by thanking you all for all your love and support! I am so grateful to have you by my side and of course, the credit goes to my world which makes me what I am today and helps me be motivated all the time.

Today I will share all the mistakes which I made in this journey of a lifestyle change from carbs to fats. I love this topic… The way our body works is very similar to the way our life does. For example, once we have accepted our life the way it is, we will love it every day and show gratitude for what it is. Similarly, once your body is used to run on fats and gets fat-adapted it will shower you with all the confidence and compliments!
We all do mistakes but what we should believe in is learning the how and why, so that we can make changes to our life. And at times even I feel I’m going a little off track or losing my hopes, I just read this quote!

Take care of your body; it’s the only place you have to live.

These are the most common top 7 KETO MISTAKES I did while ketoing hope this will help you check yours too!
• LOW ON ELECTROLYTES (remember to add more salt to each meal)
I remember the time I started with this diet I was a little sceptical, but today when I feel so energized and good it makes me feel so much better! And now when I see the whole journey, ahan… my heart skips a beat and it smiles! Sometimes when you are put in a spot when you don’t feel like doing things, you gotta push yourself to do it, however, you might feel uncomfortable… remember that it’s only going to make you feel better and stronger! It will make you believe in this yet again! You will see hope


Hello, my beautiful friends, this is my first blog and I am not a perfectionist or a professional but just trying to share my experience and help all the people out there trying to lose weight, build up their confidence or just trying to live a healthier and optimistic life.

I started with keto a year ago intending to lose 5-6 kg weight which I lost in a month and after some time I felt so amazing that it’s no more a DIET for me but my lifestyle. It not just helped me physically but also mentally.

I am a firm believer that what you believe is what you receive. Moreover, you gotta be confident in what you do, what you wear, in your colour and most importantly who you are, nobody can take that away from you, and that will motivate you to do more.

It feels amazing when I think about the journey, the progress and the belief in what you do has just made me more confident with time.
KETOVICTORIA is my insight to positivity, health, wellness and fitness. I also wanted to talk about what and how keto works and I plan to do that soon in my upcoming blog.



Super important! You’ve got to keep your energy levels up without increasing your carbs limit and nourish your body physically. My favourite little healthy snack is a spoon of nut butter and because I’m a peanut butter obsessed. And they are low-carb, gluten-free and dairy-free so, whatever your health plan is these will fit right in.

• Black and white chia seeds
• Almonds
• Peanuts
• Pecans
• Flaxseeds
• Nut butter (almond/ peanut butter)

• Hand blender: This one is a must to have for quick things from beating eggs, blending whipping cream, making cake batters or making dough and yes, COFFEE.
• Milk frother: For times I am travelling and need to make my coffee on the go.
• Kitchen scale: It is for all those who just started with keto and don’t know much about
macros helps in knowing how much are you eating.
• Weighing scale: Obviously, do I even need to tell the purpose!

• COFFEE & GREEN TEAS: I keep plenty of coffee and green tea options on hand; black teas or herbal teas. That way I’ve something to suit whatever kind of mood I’m in. Both coffee and tea make me happy and relaxed so, they come to necessity when it comes to self-care.
• ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar): I have it with warm water before starting my day or between meals to suppress my appetite
• PROTEIN POWDER: It depends on personal workout requirements. But I can suggest you the best ones, I prefer taking the once lower in carbs like Ispoure or Impact whey isolate which contains less than 1 gram of carbs. I would advise you to discuss it with an expert before buying.
• DARK CHOCOLATES: Chocolates count as self-care right? I am asking you to go for dark Lindt chocolate containing 70-80% cocoa. You can easily grab one block to satisfy your cravings or to calm your nerves.

top 7 keto mistakes

I hope this list gives you some new ideas about how to take care of yourself with the right eating habits. Honestly, I believe YOU FEEL, THE WAY YOU EAT. If you eat right, you will feel right, you end up giving more energy to yourself in a way that it’s seen and noticed by others. And the way you want others to see you depends on how you see and treat yourself! You are beautiful in and out! Eat healthily & love yourself!


HELLO, my beautiful friends today it’s gone be about how far you want to reach and how you will be feeling after that. “THE CHANGE” which you are willing to make today from carbs to fats is gone make you reach to a better state of mind, body and soul tomorrow. FOR YOUR GOOD!

So, how the ketogenic diet works? In this diet, you get most of your calories from FATS i.e. 75% fats, 25% protein and 5% carbohydrates. Yes, this is true our whole childhood has been a lie, that fat makes us fat but the truth is fat doesn’t make you fat what makes us fat is carbs. In this journey, the first phase is the keto-adaptation phase in which you pull away all the carbs from your body and it will try to fight until it depletes all its carbs (glycogen), this can last for 3 days to a week. Finally, when your body is fat adapted and starts using fat as its main source of energy you change yourself to a FAT BURNING MACHINE.

There are going be times when you might be feeling low or thinking of quitting but all we have to say is that YOU ARE STRONG and you will get through this. This will get you feeling more motivated! Let’s just say this way VICTORY BELONGS TO THOSE WHO PERSEVERE.

So, trust yourself and this change. THE CHANGE is good! It’s always for good and it’s always for the better. Let go of the old ‘what ifs’ and start on here and now. And I am gone keep updating you about all the information on what to eat on keto and other workouts.



HELLO, my beautiful friends, and a happy weekend! I hope you all are treating yourself right this weekend. We’ve all heard it before, “you can’t love others before you learn to love yourself first”. It’s kind of a hard pill to swallow, for being such a simple statement. Let me start by saying the statement is true. Self-love plays an important role in our life, the way we treat ourselves will always be reflected in the quality of our life. I think self-love begins with self- care!

Self-care can be anything from taking care of what you are eating to taking care of your skin to what you are wearing or to how you are treating your own self. Let me ask you all how actively you practice self-care? How many of you are thinking right now; oh I can do that? YES, you can do that and you should and trust me it is not at all difficult.

For all those who have been asking me isn’t it difficult to follow a ketogenic lifestyle and the answer is NO, it is not it’s my way of self-care. There are few basic things which can be considered as self-care or I can say essentials for self-care on a ketogenic lifestyle; such as for me it’s starting my day with morning coffee and gratitude, going on long runs, reading books for positivity and eating healthy at right time for my body and soul. Apart from all these things you can be a little extra like me, and create an entire pre-planned list for your keto essentials!

I have created this list with items that are my favourite picks; I will be including ketogenic, budget-friendly and easily available products. It is important to have the right products and equipment on hand for following an easy keto lifestyle. So, grab a cute pen and get ready to note ALL the keto care goodies!

KETO-FRIENDLY FLOURS (mostly used for making naans, rotis, bread and baking purposes)
• Almond flour (It’s a little expensive, so I prefer the other two more)
• Coconut flour
• Flaxseed flour (use whole flaxseeds, grind them and use it as a flour)

FATS AND OILS (being on a keto diet it’s important to focus on your fats)
• Coconut oil
• Ghee
• Coconut milk
• Olive oil (for dressings and sauté vegetables)
• Butter (salted/ unsalted)

Super important! You’ve got to keep your energy levels up without increasing your