HELLO, my beautiful friends today it’s gone be about how far you want to reach and how you will be feeling after that. “THE CHANGE” which you are willing to make today from carbs to fats is gone make you reach to a better state of mind, body and soul tomorrow. FOR YOUR GOOD!

So, how the ketogenic diet works? In this diet, you get most of your calories from FATS i.e. 75% fats, 25% protein and 5% carbohydrates. Yes, this is true our whole childhood has been a lie, that fat makes us fat but the truth is fat doesn’t make you fat what makes us fat is carbs. In this journey, the first phase is the keto-adaptation phase in which you pull away all the carbs from your body and it will try to fight until it depletes all its carbs (glycogen), this can last for 3 days to a week. Finally, when your body is fat adapted and starts using fat as its main source of energy you change yourself to a FAT BURNING MACHINE.

There are going be times when you might be feeling low or thinking of quitting but all we have to say is that YOU ARE STRONG and you will get through this. This will get you feeling more motivated! Let’s just say this way VICTORY BELONGS TO THOSE WHO PERSEVERE.

So, trust yourself and this change. THE CHANGE is good! It’s always for good and it’s always for the better. Let go of the old ‘what ifs’ and start on here and now. And I am gone keep updating you about all the information on what to eat on keto and other workouts.


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