HELLO, my beautiful friends, and a happy weekend! I hope you all are treating yourself right this weekend. We’ve all heard it before, “you can’t love others before you learn to love yourself first”. It’s kind of a hard pill to swallow, for being such a simple statement. Let me start by saying the statement is true. Self-love plays an important role in our life, the way we treat ourselves will always be reflected in the quality of our life. I think self-love begins with self- care!

Self-care can be anything from taking care of what you are eating to taking care of your skin to what you are wearing or to how you are treating your own self. Let me ask you all how actively you practice self-care? How many of you are thinking right now; oh I can do that? YES, you can do that and you should and trust me it is not at all difficult.

For all those who have been asking me isn’t it difficult to follow a ketogenic lifestyle and the answer is NO, it is not it’s my way of self-care. There are few basic things which can be considered as self-care or I can say essentials for self-care on a ketogenic lifestyle; such as for me it’s starting my day with morning coffee and gratitude, going on long runs, reading books for positivity and eating healthy at right time for my body and soul. Apart from all these things you can be a little extra like me, and create an entire pre-planned list for your keto essentials!

I have created this list with items that are my favourite picks; I will be including ketogenic, budget-friendly and easily available products. It is important to have the right products and equipment on hand for following an easy keto lifestyle. So, grab a cute pen and get ready to note ALL the keto care goodies!

KETO-FRIENDLY FLOURS (mostly used for making naans, rotis, bread and baking purposes)
• Almond flour (It’s a little expensive, so I prefer the other two more)
• Coconut flour
• Flaxseed flour (use whole flaxseeds, grind them and use it as a flour)

FATS AND OILS (being on a keto diet it’s important to focus on your fats)
• Coconut oil
• Ghee
• Coconut milk
• Olive oil (for dressings and sauté vegetables)
• Butter (salted/ unsalted)

Super important! You’ve got to keep your energy levels up without increasing your

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