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“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”
― Ann Wigmore

Welcome to Keto Victoria

We preach positivity, fitness, health and mental wellness by providing expert consultation on ‘Keto’, a lifestyle to treat your body right. Our professional guidance will help you in attaining a natural metabolic state called ‘Ketosis’, allowing your body to convert fats into ketones. This process has innumerable positive effects on the body. With professional guidance, a Keto lifestyle can be used to treat diseases, shed excess weight, maintain energy levels and retain a healthy balanced diet. We help you stay in ketosis and benefit from its therapeutic benefits.
WE INVITE YOU to take your first step towards ketosis by becoming a part of the ‘Keto Victoria Family’.


The Journey


“You are what you eat. What would you like to be?”
― Julie Murphy, Nutrition Across a Lifetime
KetoVictoria is an initiative by Richi Agarwal, a certified keto coach. Her journey started by switching to a ketogenic lifestyle for health and medical reasons. She further helped her friends and acquaintances in switching to keto. Her passion to make a difference with the help of keto as a lifestyle led to the establishment of KetoVictoria in 2017. She not only created a community of like-minded individuals from her personal success story but also worked towards removing food-related myths.

We take pride in spreading positive awareness and giving back to the society. In its 4 years of journey, KetoVictoria has provided keto as a way of life to many individuals globally with more than 400 success stories and happy testimonies.



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