1 Month Plan

Start with the 1 MONTH PLAN if you just want to take your first steps into a healthy lifestyle. We will help you reduce carbs, improve your metabolism and shed 3-5 kg of excess weight.

1 Month For ₹ 4000/-

3 Month Plan

Start with the 3 MONTH PLAN to completely switch to a keto lifestyle. We will help your body to gradually move into ketosis and shed up to 8-12 kg of excess weight along with other health benefits.

3 Months For ₹ 9000/-

6 Month Plan

Start with the 6 MONTH PLAN to sustain the keto lifestyle for maintaining weight and gaining from the therapeutic benefits of the ketogenic diet. We help you shed up to 25 kg of excess weight in this time by completely adopting the keto lifestyle.

6 Months For ₹ 16,800/-

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