Hello, my beautiful friends, this is my first blog and I am not a perfectionist or a professional but just trying to share my experience and help all the people out there trying to lose weight, build up their confidence or just trying to live a healthier and optimistic life.

I started with keto a year ago intending to lose 5-6 kg weight which I lost in a month and after some time I felt so amazing that it’s no more a DIET for me but my lifestyle. It not just helped me physically but also mentally.

I am a firm believer that what you believe is what you receive. Moreover, you gotta be confident in what you do, what you wear, in your colour and most importantly who you are, nobody can take that away from you, and that will motivate you to do more.

It feels amazing when I think about the journey, the progress and the belief in what you do has just made me more confident with time.
KETOVICTORIA is my insight to positivity, health, wellness and fitness. I also wanted to talk about what and how keto works and I plan to do that soon in my upcoming blog.



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